Looking for cheap car insurance quotes in AZ (Arizona)? Look no further! Our free quotes tool above will help you compare the top car insurance companies in AZ. Compare up to car insurance 20 companies in Arizona and get the best deal! Before you get a quote, we recommend recommending reading our guide below; we’ll show you a few tips on how you can get cheap auto insurance in AZ.

Getting cheap car insurance quotes in AZ

Okay so you want cheap car insurance, who doesn’t! Here are some tips on how you can save on car insurance in AZ.

Pay yearly! Most people pay their car insurance premiums on a monthly basis, which isn’t a bad thing necessarily. If you’re able to pay up front for 1 year you’ll be up to save up to 10% on your bill. The fact is most people will keep their insurance for 1 year at least, so paying up front has no downsides, except that you need to have enough money to pay for 1 year!az car insurance

Who has the cheapest auto insurance?

Get as many quotes as you can. Most people don’t even compare 3 insurance companies, which is a BIG mistake. The more insurance companies you compare the better off you’ll be. Getting multiple insurance quotes gives you a chance of finding cheaper car insurance.

Reduce your coverage. Decreasing your coverage is an easy way to save money, especially if you have an older car. The cost of insuring an older car may not be worth what it would cost to replace it. We recommend talking with an insurance agent and talking about all the options available to you.

Low mileage discounts. A lot of people are paying for miles they don’t use. If you’re not using your car daily you’re probably overpaying for insurance. When buying insurance we recommend talking with an agent and making sure they know how may miles you drive. The less you drive the cheaper your insurance should be.

Fix your credit. The worse your credit score the more you’ll pay. The majority of insurance companies use your credit score to decide how much you’ll pay for insurance. Your credit score is a bigger deal then you think, so fix it! Here’s a more in-depth explanation of how your credit score affects your car insurance rate.

Ask if you’re eligible for a discount. You may be eligible for a discount you’re not aware of. Asking an insurance agent is an easy way to see if you qualify for a discount and doesn’t require you to do any real work!

Combine all of your insurance. If you buy health, life and auto insurance from one company you can usually save 5-15%.

Buy a safer car. Driving an older clunker may seem cheaper, but that’s not always the case. New cars have a lot of safety features, which insurance companies really like. So buying a new car may be best for your wallet and you safety!

That’s it, if you follow some of the tips above you should be able to save extra money on your car insurance. Arizona has lot’s of car insurance companies and is a very competitive state, so you should have no trouble finding a great insurance company. Looking for cheap full coverage car insurance quotes in other states, you can find some here: http://www.autoinsurancemonkey.com/how-to-get-cheap-full-coverage-auto-insurance/ . Need regular car insurance? check out autoinsurancemonkey.com. Looking for very cheap car insurance no deposit? Click this link.